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Hermione Granger/snape. Lily potter. Luna love good. Ships: Sevmione. Dramione. James and lilly. Fredmione. Harmione. Lucius and hermione. Remus and hermione. Harmione. Seveurs and lily. George and oc (Caroline forbes snape) Zeus capital linkedin
This is similar to a previous piece of art on this list, capturing every bit of Harry Potter and the entire Wizarding World in one shot. The good (such as the castle, the stag Patronus, Hogwarts Express, and the Quidditch field) is displayed with the bad (Dementors, the Dark Mark, and the creepy merpeople).

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xElvenPiratex Lol, I'm with you, KateKicksAss. The idea of a Snape/Hermione affair totally skeeves me out. No idea why, considering I'm only a few years older than she is in the last film and I would be ALL OVER Snape if I could be, but I dunno - maybe because he was her teacher when she was 11 or something - but the idea of them together has always seemed a bit icky to me.

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Apr 19, 2015 - Time Traveller, Hermione Granger, Tom Riddle, Tomione, Volmione

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Scorpius X Lily Luna. Snape X Lily. Hermione X Ron. Hermione X Draco. Draco X Luna. Luna X Neville. Neville X Ginny:hearts: ~~~~~Always~~~~~ Saw Cursed Child: 7.24.19 ...

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Jul 27, 2016 · Hermione also didn’t help Harry through his pain either. Harry is hurting just as much as Hermione, it’s Ron who Harry would miss the most in his life, as confirmed by GoF. Yes, Hermione may have lost her boyfriend, yes Hermione may be more openly bothered, but Ron is also Harry’s best friend, his brother. It's Ron who Harry can’t miss.

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Hermione x Remus Lupin When the Ministry of Magic enacts a ludicrous law against Muggle-borns as a political maneuver, Remus realizes to his chagrin that he might be Hermione Granger’s best hope. Following a union of convenience, despite the best of intentions and against their better judgement, both witch and wizard find themselves slowly ...

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Jun 15, 2011 · Commission: Hermione and Snape. 579 64 15K (1 Today) ... I'd love to commission you for some HP fanart. Reply. Oct 28, 2011. tenchufreak Hobbyist Digital Artist.

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Hello, Mr Grinch by Ash Juillet - T, one-shot - Hermione is a caroller, and Draco hides in his house by turning off the lights, but she knows he’s there. Herbology Class Will Never Be the Same by spacewanderer2016 - M, one-shot - Draco is fleeing his vile date. Hermione is fleeing her incorrigible best friends.

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Snape family coat of arms Nov 6, 2013 - (Before anyboy mentions: this crest has nothing to do with Tobias Snape. Please keep reading ) You can consider this a small spoiler of things to come. ...

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